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Linda Hagood – Episode 30

Join Linda Hagood for not just another Horizon at End Times, but the 30th. Her visit to Portland included a chat with me the day after performing at the Quiet Music Festival. [See More]

Photo Set: Quiet Music Festival

The 5th Annual Quiet Music Festival came and went quietly, but not unnoticed. Things grew; audience attendance doubled from 2014, according to photographic memory (see last year’s review linked below), and the [See More]

It’s Oh So Quiet

Portland’s best kept secret this Friday and Saturday night is probably Quiet Music Festival. It boasts some heavyweight music headliners for two nights in a supremely intimate venue, at a price on [See More]

Your Staycation Could Be a Music Festival

The fourth annual Quiet Music Festival hosted by Disjecta, curated by Chris Johanson, softened hearts and ears last Friday and Saturday (June 27-28). Surrounding a stage only two feet above the concrete [See More]