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T:BA:15 as it Happened to Jen

Holcombe Waller: Requiem Mass: LGBT/Working Title  Go to Holcombe Waller: Requiem Mass: LGBT/Working Title alone or with someone you could sit with for hours in silence without giving a second thought to. Arrive [See More]

How To Spend Your Time-Based Art

A practical guide to PICA’s annual contemporary arts festival The 13th Annual T:BA Festival launches its ten-day mission on Thursday. I have lived through eight of these, seeing well over a hundred [See More]

T:BA Digest DAY 4: A Bridge Near-Far

All right gang, its Monday, we’re back to work and the week is slowing down. On Thursday, things ramp up until Saturday when it all pops. Sunday there will be that somber [See More]

T:BA DIGEST Days 1 & 2 // A Slow Start

I have been attending the Time-Based Art Festival (T:BA) presented by Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA), every year since 2007, exactly half its entire lifespan. What one begins to notice, year [See More]