David Schor on HET Ep.39


Assistant Attorney General for the State of Oregon, candidate for Mayor of Portland, David Schor is today’s guest on the Horizon at End Times podcast. Today, I’m gladly, willingly putting forward my two endorsements for both Mayor and President. Hint: They are both Democratic Socialists. The age of neoliberalism is descending upon us like an oppressive blanket of fog. We need candidates who will champion a new economy. Schor and I discuss the issues surrounding that, from a philosophical perspective.

Music courtesy of Babel Echo, the track “The Chooser” comes from the album entitled The Molting.

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  1. Kate

    Schor is eloquent about what is happening here in Portland and he doesn’t try to appeal to listeners as a mayoral candidate with a “vote for me” agenda in the conversation. I appreciated this, so that by the end, I felt more informed by the conversation on Portland issues than persuaded to vote for anyone. On top of that, I get the sense he cares about the city – not just Old Portland, or wanting to get it back to “how it used to be.” But he’s not so eager to see Portland change either. It seems that he simply just wants to keep Portland a good place to live for everyone. And will fill in the gaps where things are lacking. Thanks Sean, for this conversation.

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