Horizon at End Times


Scott Brazieal | Episode 6

Scott and I sit down in Santa Cruz for a pleasantly heavyweight conversation about the problems of time and our ever changing technological era. I talk about why not to give up [See More]

Doug Theriault | Episode 5

Doug and I chat about sound, artists, consciousness, the spinning wheel of change, activism, and the new normal. Through discordance, we understand order and through change we understand the everlasting. I am [See More]

Soup Purse | Episode 4

Todd Dickerson is a well known connection in the Portland Noise circuit, usually performing as Soup Purse, but cut his teeth in The Dendrites and is currently developing new projects. His motivation [See More]

Poppet and Pregnant | Episode 3

I hit the road to California and speculate who might have been surveilling me along the way, exposing my childhood ties to Scientology. Joining Daniel Trudeau and Molly Raney in Placerville after [See More]

Jason Traeger | Episode 2

Jason and Sean sit down after a failed first attempt and therefore discuss self-sabotage and the artists worst enemy: their self. Jason Traeger is a cross-disciplinary artist that has spent his life [See More]

Rus Archer | Episode 1

In this first episode of the Horizon at End Times podcast, Rus Archer the guitarist, recordist, and shaman of sorts, sits with me for a free flowing conversation. Our minds wander the [See More]